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THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN THE CARIBBEAN, discovering Dominica ought to be one of the biggest pleasures of your vacation, and we do more to make sure it is.

While on Dominica, you will want to visit the interior, which is the heart and soul of it all. Like no other place on this earth this area of mountainous terrain defines the essence of Dominica....... Green, rugged and beautiful...... Between the lush green mountains lie valleys criss-crossed with sparkling rivers and streams, cascading waterfalls, and an abundance of forest plants and animal wildlife.

The coastline is no less beautiful, with spectacular vistas, rich in flora and fauna, and dotted with quaint villages where the locals live in peace and tranquility very close to nature.

Come visit with us.....

Site Description

Here are some of the sites and places you will visit with ANTOURS:

Trafalgar Waterfalls

After a 20 minute drive from the Capital, Roseau, you arrive at the Trafalgar Tourist Reception and Interpretation Center. A 10 minute uphill rainforest walk takes you to a viewing platform form where you can view the fascinating twin waterfalls. At your own risk you may take a guided walk and bathe in the natural hot pools at the base of the waterfall. We strongly recommend the services of a local guide who will help you navigate the slippery rocks.

Emerald Pool

Within Dominica's World Heritage Site, the spectacular Emerald Pool lies amidst the luxuriant vegetation between the Central Forest Reserve and the Morne Trois Pitons National Park. A haven of peace where a twenty foot high waterfall cascades into a natural pool. Bathers find the water very invigorating and stimulating.

The drive from the Capital is 45 minutes.

Kalinago Territory aka Carib Indian Territory

The Territory covers an area of 3700 acres, which has been set aside especially for the remaining descendants of the Indigenous peoples of Dominica. There, the Carib Indians live a simple life very close to nature. They spend most of their time farming and weaving fine basketry which are offered for sale as an international speciality.

Cabrits National Park

The National Park, just North of the town of PORTSMOUTH covers an area of over 1300 acres. There you will discover the wartime ruins scattered all over the hillside of which the most impressive is Fort Shirley which houses a museum.

Sulphur Springs & Sulphur Deposits

Because of the volcanic nature of the island, there are many sulphur springs which possess therapeutic properties:-
......The Soufriere Sulphur Deposits and Bath is the most popular site for visitors who enjoy the invigorating feeling experienced after a sulphur bath.
......Sulphur springs can also be seen in the Valley of Desolation on the way to the Boiling Lake, and in the village of Wotten Waven close to Trafalgar Falls.

Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake is a hot bubbling Lake which sits in the mountain crater. It is the largest Boiling Lake in the world. A long strenuous three hour one way hike will take you through the Valley of Desolation to the Lake, where many Sulphur springs have caused the trees and shrubs to virtually disappear.

Fresh Water Lake

Within the elfin woodlands of Morne Macaque just above the village of Laudat, at an elevation of 2500 ft., is the misty Freshwater Lake. You can drive right up to this favourite attraction or hike and enjoy the flora along the way.

Middleham Falls

Two main trails lead you to this spectacular waterfall. One from the village of Cockrane, the other near the village of Laudat. You will hike some 950 acres of rainforest. Bathing in the pool at the base of the waterfall is permitted if you can manage your way down the cliff-side.

Morne Diablotin

Dominica's tallest mountain.

The main trail passes through verdant rainforests with magnificent specimen of trees such as the giant gommiers, the incredibly buttressed chattagniers and the stilt-rooted bois-blanc. A challenging hike, but you will be rewarded at the summit with a spectacular view.

Tours Available on Request

Full Day Tours

Springfield Plantation, Emerald Pool & Waterfall, Carib Indian Territory, Central Forest Reserve (6-7 hrs)

West Coast Villages, The Town of Portsmouth, Indian River, Cabrits National Park (6-7 hrs)

Grand Island Tour to include Emerald Pool, Carib Indian Territory, North-East Atlantic Coast, Indian River, West Caribbean Coast (8-9 hrs)

Trafalgar Waterfalls, Emerald Pool, Carib Indian Territory. (6 hrs.)

Soufriere Scott's Head and Galleon Villages, Hot Springs with Sulphur Bath (7-8 hrs)

Southern Villages to include Grand Bay, Dubique, Fond St. Jean, Bagatelle & Petite Savanne (7-8 hrs)

Half-Day Tours

Morne Bruce, Botanical Gardens, Trafalgar Waterfalls (3 hrs)

Morne Bruce, Botanical Gardens, Emerald Pool, Layou River Valley (4hrs)

Soufriere Sulphur Springs, Scott's Head Point (4hrs)

Wotten Waven Sulphur Springs, Trafalgar Waterfalls (4hrs)

Indian River with boat ride (5hrs)

Carib Indian Territory (5hrs)

Bird Watching Tour (early morning or late afternoon) (4-5 hrs)

Hiking Expeditions

Boiling Lake and Valley of Desolation (7hrs strenuous hike)

Morne Diablotin summit (7-8 hrs strenuous hike)

Fresh Water Lake and Boeri Lake (4-5 hrs moderate hike)

Freshwater Lake to Grand Fond Village - Chemin Letang (4-5hrs strenuous hike)

Middleham Waterfalls (3-4 hrs moderate hike)

Rainforest Walk (1/2 hr easy hike). Special for children and the elderly.

Cross Country (4-5 hrs moderate hike). For walking enthusiasts.

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